About Justin D. Miller

Justin D. Miller is an acrylic artist and painter. He spent his childhood around Chicago then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study architecture. After graduation he lived on the West Coast for 7 years before returning to Illinois. During that time, he moved into the emerging fields of digital graphics and web design after working in architecture for several years. He also started fine art painting to satisfy his need for creative output.

The visual arts ran in his family, and art supplies were always around the house. As a boy he was influenced by the pop culture of the time including movies, books, and museums. He loved to draw anything with spaceships or dinosaurs. In High School and College he enjoyed fantasy role playing and adventure style video games. Later, the Internet helped introduce him to a great variety of artists and art styles including magic realism and pop art.

Justin considers himself a self-taught artist and seeks to create art that stirs the imagination. He believes the best visual art conveys emotions to the viewer. Besides painting, he enjoys time with his family and traveling to far off and visually exciting places.


About My Art

I use earth-toned paints to create surreal scenes of people, buildings, and landscapes, inspired from cold winters and industrial and Victorian era décor.

Cold Light

Justin started Cold Light in 2017, which are all framed acrylic paintings. The title and subject matter are inspired by the frigid Midwestern winters of Chicago, and places and pictures that linger in Justin's memories that hint of isolation or the mysterious, such as vast old European buildings or ruins, and windswept, cloudy landscapes in far away lands he once visited. The colors are primarily earth-tone and muted. The setting is filled with old and ruined architecture, wild animals, clouds and fog, and a society living in an age of decline. The people are inspired from photos of the Victorian and Industrial ages, their styles and clothing match the atmosphere of Cold Light.


Whimsical / Architecture

Justin’s first paintings were of landscapes and architecture, inspired from Dutch Renaissance painters and contemporary European surrealists. He particularly liked the level the detail and fantastic elements present in their paintings. After several years he transitioned to pop surrealism and incorporated elements of lowbrow art, which features contemporary themes and subject matter, often with a humorous or playful attitude. Justin originally used oil paint, but has used acrylic more often since 2014.


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