Justin D. Miller
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Luminous Trees

The luminous trees were my first attempt at a contemporary style. All my previous trees were painted in a life-like style with natural colors. These new paintings are flat, there is little attempt at showing depth. Some seemed too abstract and lifeless, so for these I added a person. These paintings also use pen and permanent ink for the thin lines which I was unable to achieve with a brush. Some paintings have tiny dots that I applied by scrapping toothbrush bristles after dipping them in watery paint.

Uplifting Tree, Acrylic 18x24"

Violet Tree, Acrylic 18x24"

Red Tree, Acrylic 18x24"

Red Fire Tree, Acrylic 30x24"

Red Dress, Acrylic 30x24"

Portal, Acrylic 36x24"

Reversed Trees

White Forest, Acrylic 30x24"

Squiggle Tree, Acrylic 30x24"

Swirling Tree, Acrylic 30x24"

Four Trees, Acrylic 36x24"

All Images © Justin D. Miller 2017