Justin D. Miller
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Selected Paintings of Houses & Towns

My first oil paintings in 2004 were all surreal houses and architecture. From here I branched out slowly with versions including evenings, tree houses, and towns. Later, after about 10 years of oil painting, I became frusterated with some of the disadvantages of oil paint especially the very long dry time. I was hesitant to switch to acrylic paint since I would have to learn from scratch. After some experiments I painted Lost Kingdom which became the basis for similar paintings afterwards. These paintings are more impressionist and appear flatter than some of the earlier oil paintings.

Doll House, Acrylic 18x24"

Double World, Acrylic 18x24"

Forgotten Realm, Acrylic 18x24"

Drifting, Acrylic 18x24"

Lost Kingdom, Acrylic 18x24"

Cliff House, Acrylic 18x24"

Rock Home, Acrylic 18x24"

Stump Town, Acrylic 18x24"

Ribbon, Acrylic 18x24"

Suspension, Acrylic 18x24"

Kingdom of Night, Acrylic 18x24"

Doll Houses, Oil 18x24"

Country House, Oil 18x24"

Tower House, Acrylic 16x20"

Neighborhood Treehouse, Oil 24x18"

Airlift, Oil 24x18"

After the Quake, Oil 20x16"

Quake Village, Oil 24x18"

House on Washington Ave, Oil 20x16"

Evening Paintings

Evening in the City, Oil 16x20"

Evening in the Suburbs, Oil 16x20"

Brownstones, Oil 16x20"

Neighborhood Church, Oil 16x20"

Urban Corner, Oil 16x20"

City Night, Acrylic 24x18"

All Images © Justin D. Miller 2017