Justin D. Miller
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Cold Light Paintings

Cold Light is a series of small pictures done with a minimum of warm colors. Cold light was started in January inspired from the Chicago winter. The first paintings were November, Out of the Forest, and Cold Light. My intention was to create an atmosphere of cold air the viewer could feel. After these paintings I took the girl with the round head and put her in other places. These deviated from the cold air theme, but kept the cool color palette. They are all framed from an assortment I've picked up at garage sales and antique stores.

11x14" Paintings


Out of the Forest


In the Arches

Winter Walk


Small Framed Paintings

Cold Light, 8x10"

Goldfish, 5x6"

Rabbits, 7x9"

Girl with Red Hair, 6" Oval

Girl on Red, 7" Oval

Girl on Green, 7" Oval

Ziggurat 1, 4x12"

Ziggurat 2, 4x12"

Girl in Green Stripes, 7x9"

Trapped, 8x10"

Octopus, 6x7"

Tower, 5x7"

Toy Head, 5x7"

Tentacle Girl, 5x7"

Girl with Curls, 3.5x5"

Garden Girl, 5x6"

Short Girl, 5x7"

Rose, 5x7"

Portrait with Crown, 4x6"

Transparent, 4x6"

Floating, 4x6"

Stuffed Cat, 4x5"

Stuffed Rabbit, 4x5"

Stuffed Elephant, 4x5"

Teddy, 3.5x5"

Portraits, 4" Ovals

Girl on Red, 3x3"

Bird Skeleton, 2x2.5"

Crow, 2x2"

All Images © Justin D. Miller 2017