Justin D. Miller
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Chromatic Landscape Paintings

The chromatic landscapes started as larger versions of the luminous trees. Recollection was the first, with spheres of colored leaves instead of just a large colored mass. The colored spheres were appealing to me, so I painted slight variations, including the spheres being blown off the tree. After completing a number of chromatic landscapes, I tried one with only earth tones- Wind was the first. The colors on these are mainly umber (dark brown), sienna (reddish brown), and naples yellow (beige). I did not intentionally mean to create Autumn themed scenes, but the browns and flying leaves created that impresssion.

Willow, Acrylic 36x24"

Transference, Acrylic 30x24"

Recollection, Acrylic 30x24"

Release, Acrylic 30x24"

Spheres, Acrylic 30x24"

Remembrance, Acrylic 30x24"

Cotton Tree Forest, Acrylic 36x24"

Willow 2, Acrylic 36x24"

Earth Tones

Wind, Acrylic 36x24"

Wind 3, Acrylic 36x18"

Autumn, Acrylic 36x24"

World Weaver, Acrylic 36x24"

Caffeine Dreams, Acrylic 30x24"

All Images © Justin D. Miller 2017