Justin D. Miller
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About My Art

I have always liked to draw and be artistic. Art supplies were always around when I was young, thanks to my dad who worked as a graphic designer in advertising. In high school I was attracted to creative buildings and so studied architecture in college. When I graduated I moved to the West Coast for a change of scenery. After working several years in architecture I became frustrated with the lack of creativity in the projects around me. I took advantage of the newly emerging world of the internet and became a digital graphic designer and webmaster. This suited my interests better, but I still felt something was missing. After considering what inspired me, the internet allowed me to find a number of surreal and fantasy artists that I was previously unaware of. With this inspiration I decided to try painting.

I use acrylics on canvas or wood panels to create images of the unexpected that attempt to capture the imagination of the viewer. My subjects are the built environment and the natural world of trees and earth. A lot of my work contains the intersection of both. I attribute my favorite subjects to my architecture background and my love of traveling to inspiring destinations, usually desolate and extreme, and always visually exciting.

My Background

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Leigh Gallery, Chicago - Paintings
3306 N Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60657

Jackson Junge Gallery - Paintings and Prints
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